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Dining out in style with plenty to read

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webmaster | 02/14/13

Have you read any good hamburgers lately? I dropped by McDonald's recently for a bite of lunch, and was surprised by the reading material on the wrapper which enveloped my cheeseburger.

If you are a McDonald's regular, you probably aren't surprised to learn that the restaurant gives you reading material with your food.

However, I don't get into McDonald's much. I have nothing against the restaurant; I'm just not much of a fast-food fan. I've been watching my calorie intake the past couple of years, and fast-food joints haven't seemed to be places where one goes to restrict intake.

However, driving past the McDonald's store at Cleveland and Schnoor avenues at lunch time, I decided to get a cheeseburger. I noticed a long line of cars at the drive-through line, so I parked and went inside.

I was surprised to be the only person at the counter. It made me wonder why people were lining up at the drive-through when they could come in and get served quicker. I think it must be that once people get into their cars, they get lazy, and don't want to get out of them again when drive-through service is available. Of course, any card-carrying liberal would tell you that contributes to global warming, what with your engine running while you wait your turn. But that wasn't on my mind. I just wanted to get my food and scoot.

I ordered a cheeseburger.

"Is that all you want?" the server asked. I said it was. She thanked me and said it would be $1.07. Unbelievable, I thought. How can they cook and serve a cheeseburger for just $1.07?

When I got the cheeseburger, I read the wrapper, and found out the cheeseburger contained only 300 calories. That included the pickle and the catsup.

Talk about a bargain. Only 300 calories, only $1.07 and reading material to boot. I did have to take a couple of Tums a little later, but at that price, I could afford them.


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