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Curiosity up there, Martians down here

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webmaster | 05/21/13

There are people who believe we are being visited by creatures from Mars even as the space vehicle Curiosity, on Mars now, drills holes in rocks there. Perhaps the creatures from Mars are surreptitiously drilling holes in rocks here.

On earth, scientists have learned this from the Mars rover Curiosity, from a previous hole it drilled: Mars may have had the stuff of life at one time.

I don’t know how they figure that out, or if it is even true. In some ways, they remind me of con artist developers trying to make a bad patch of land percolate. Either the land is good, or it isn’t. They are even talking about turning Mars into a garden planet by starting plants in a greenhouse and piping water to them. They would be extremely expensive plants.

Don’t you think it would be better to stay here on earth and do a better job with what we already have? We have an entire ocean that’s hardly been explored beneath its surface. We know there are ways to turn that ocean water into fresh water if we need it. We have figured out how to grow things and use them to feed and cloth people. They haven’t done anything like that on Mars.

Yet, the Martians may have come down here in the middle of the night a long time ago and started mating with earthlings. How else do you explain Madonna eventually showing up? How else do you explain Howard Hughes? How else do you explain Marc Zuckerberg and all the people who are on Facebook? How else do you explain the Kardashians?

The Martians who are down here probably are thinking how nice it would be to go back to the old red-planet homestead, but once they got up there, they’d be able to think about nothing else but getting back to their real home ... to this home ... the best there is.


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