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A creamy puff of pure sweetness

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webmaster | 04/02/14

There is something about sweetened whipped cream that is irresistible. Especially when it is nestled inside a delicate pastry shell.

Cream puffs are one of my favorite desserts, but I do have a little problem with them. They are so delicate and so dainty. They are usually served for special occasions. My mom serves homemade cream puffs every Easter.

Now comes the problem: I can’t seem to eat one in a delicate and dainty fashion. When I bite into a cream puff, the insides squish out and get all over my face. It’s sort of like trying to eat a taco gracefully. I’ve tried rabbit-nibbling around the edges, I’ve tried the surprise attack method of just taking a big bite, and I have even thought of trying to pop the small-sized puffs down the hatch all at once. I give up. I will just have to hold the cream puff in one hand, a napkin in the other, and dab at my smeared face. (I have never seen anyone eat a cream puff with a knife and fork, but I suppose some do that.) It’s all worth it, though.

You can use cream puff dough for making eclairs, too. Just replace the whipped cream with vanilla custard pudding and drizzle some chocolate glaze over the tops. Cream puffs are made from French pate a choux (pronounced paht-ah-shoo), but don’t let the name intimidate you. You can easily do this and enjoy the yummy results. Get those napkins ready! ...


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