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webmaster | 04/10/13

It was so windy Monday that I thought I saw one of our infamous crows flying backwards. He hit the north side of the old courthouse and fell to the ground. After a moment and the approach of a homeless person he gave it another try and took flight. We have wind farms all over our state. Why isn’t there one located near Washington, D.C., with all those politicians blustering about?

+ + +

While having coffee with the fun bunch at Black Bear, pals Arnold Recalde, Richard Loquaci and this scribe agreed that with the run on guns and ammo across our country these past few months, if the North Koreans (or anybody) ever invade they won’t stand a chance. Also, of note, why would the aforementioned Loquaci attend an NRA social when the kids are off to grandma’s and his pretty gal, Trish, waits for him at home? Knowing the wonderful pair, I’m sure Loquaci will make it up to her.

+ + +

“Doors of Perception.” After walking (or waltzing) from one room to another did you ever forget why you were in the different room? A study by psychologists at Notre Dame discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what is known in the mind as an event boundary that separates one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain (and mine) files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and creates a blank page for the new room.

Well, that certainly relieves a lot of angst. It’s not my age, it’s the damn door. Excuse me for a moment while I find “Back Door Man” by the Doors to listen to while I find a screwdriver to remove the doors from their hinges...


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