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Corgi was dogged by ‘vicious’ label

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webmaster | 02/11/14

News from Orange County is that a purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi named Tank finally has been taken off the county’s vicious-dog list. Tank was among 179 dogs designated as vicious. A designation of vicious places fees and restrictions on owners and their pets and the label lasts a lifetime.

According to Publicceo .com, a website dedicated to news about municipal affairs in California, Tank was thrown in the Huntington Beach canine hoosegow after biting his groomer in the face at a Petco store. After 10 days, officials branded Tank as vicious.

Tank’s owners challenged the designation, but lost. Finally, they hired a lawyer, who pointed out that the groomer had said she had provoked the biting. The court hearings took three months and $20,000 in fees, but Tank’s record finally was expunged of viciousness, and now he is just another neighborhood corgi.

Or so they claim.

My own experience with corgis leaves me to wonder whether Tank is as sweet as his owners claim.

A few years ago, I worked at a publishing company where the bookkeeper also raised Pembroke Welsh corgis, and they were fine-looking dogs. He would bring one of them to work, and I would bring dog treats and slip some to the corgi when the dog wandered into my work area to see what I was doing. I thought the corgi and I were great pals.

Then, one day, I needed to talk to the bookkeeper and went into his office. The corgi was lying under his desk. When I got within three feet of the bookkeeper, the corgi sprang out and sank his teeth into my ankle.

The bookkeeper, a kindly fellow, turned and said to the corgi: “Now, you quit that.” I was hopping up and down trying to get the dog to let go. Finally, the bookkeeper rolled up a newspaper that was on his desk and swatted the dog with it. The dog yelped, then went for the newspaper. The next swat he got was on the nose, which made him slink back under the desk.

As you know, Queen Elizabeth II has a bevy of Pembroke Welsh corgis that roam the palace all day, and she thinks they are just darling. But she has servants who follow the pooches around, clean up after them and keep them away from people who aren’t fond of having their ankles bitten.

Corgis are cute and friendly most of the time, but they also have an unfriendly streak, too. If you’re going to be around one for long, wear two pairs of heavy socks.


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