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In common with Mexico’s president

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webmaster | 11/27/13

The president of Mexico has been insisting that he never met Justin Bieber, even though Justin Bieber claims to have met him.

In that respect, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and I have something in common. I have never met Justin Bieber, either. However, there the similarity ends. Bieber has never claimed to have met me, as far as I know, and if he did claim that, I would be flabbergasted, probably even more shocked than Nieto.

But I don’t think I would be offended, as Nieto seems to be. I might even think of it as an advantage. I have three daughters and one granddaughter in whose esteem I might rise if they heard Justin Bieber was tweeting that he had met me.

Not that they think Justin Bieber is such hot stuff, but some of Bieber’s fame well could rub off on me, and thus on them, if he said he had met me, even if it was a lie, as his alleged meeting with Mexico’s president seems to have been. But why would he lie?

Perhaps Bieber is one of those people to whom all Mexicans look alike, and he may have met a Mexican who looked rather distinguished, and thought, “This guy must be the president of Mexico. He must be here to meet me.”

(In case you were wondering, Bieber allegedly was in Mexico at the time, posing for pictures with nubile young women. Perhaps he thought one of them was the president of Mexico.)

Bieber seems to be not unlike Mylie Cyrus, in that he likes to pose for photos with some of his clothes off. Cyrus is the queen of twerk, as you know, and takes some of her clothes off at almost any opportunity.

However, she has not claimed to have met the president of Mexico. Nor has she claimed to have met me. And vice versa, I might add. Mrs. Doud would not put up with me twerking, or hanging around with anybody who does.


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