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Coming soon to an airspace near you

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webmaster | 02/28/12

Before long, we will be seeing drones fly over us, just as they have been seeing in Afghanistan and Pakistan — just before the drone shoots at somebody. Fortunately, the drones which fly through U.S. air space won’t be attacking U.S. citizens — or will they? The Federal Aviation Administration is drawing up rules to allow drones to fly over us, and one probably has only to count the days until one of those unmanned craft accidentally goes out of control and lands on somebody.

The cat at our house is a bit concerned about this. She keeps a close eye on the blue jay that patrols the airspace over our house, and for good reason. On more than one occasion, I have seen her duck when the jay buzzed her in the backyard from one of the big trees next door. She probably would be terrified if, instead of the jay, she saw a drone circling the house.

You might ask: why would a drone circle our house? The answer is that law enforcement agencies want to use drones to locate miscreants and spot marijuana gardens. They wouldn’t find any miscreants or marijuana gardens at our place, so that would be a waste of time. They also might want certain drones to do a little spying. There is a drone that is about the size of a leaf that can be landed on a window sill, where it can spy on what’s going on inside and record what is being said.

If this drone landed on our window sill, it wouldn’t be long before the people watching and listening to the drone’s broadcast would fall asleep from boredom.

If the cat happened to see this little drone land, she would jump on the window sill, grab it, knock it around a little and then bring it to the back patio.

Perhaps the bigger drones should try to spot where the cats are before the smaller drones are sent into harm’s way.


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