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Clinton suspect in car firm’s startup

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webmaster | 08/12/13

A would-be electric-car manufacturing business in Mississippi is in the news because Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president. You may have read or heard what the connection is. Foreign investors, who put $500,000 into the start-up operation, got the opportunity to stay in the United States, with a path to citizenship.

How does that lead to Clinton, who at the time was secretary of state? The car company, GreenTech Automotive, for a while was headed by Terry McCauliff, one of former President Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most dependable fundraisers, the Associated Press points out.

GreenTech now is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

GreenTech isn’t quite defunct, but it now is owned by a Chinese businessman, and seems to have little chance of making it in the already-overcrowded all-electric-vehicle market.

Have you seen GreenTech’s car — called the MyCar — on a showroom floor lately? I haven’t either.

The road always has been rough for all-electric carmakers.

I knew a guy in Northwest Washington who had set up an all-electric car factory in a barn near the hamlet of Deming. He took a gasoline-powered front-wheel-drive car, took the engine out of it, put in an electric motor and filled up the trunk with batteries. He also put solar cells on the car roof.

He took me for a ride, and I was impressed. The little car took off like a cheetah after a gazelle. The ride was quiet, without the noise of a gasoline engine. The batteries in the back end made the car float a little in front, but the carmaker told me that could be corrected.

The only problem was that after about five miles, the car started to slow, and we had to stop at a service station so he could call one of his employees to come and give us a tow. The batteries had nearly run out of electricity.

Also, the car had no heater or air conditioner, and as a result the windows fogged up. I don’t think he still is in business. That’s probably because he doesn’t know the Clintons.


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