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Center to unveil full-size skull of Columbian mammoth

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webmaster | 01/12/12

Many people are familiar with the Wooly mammoth. Woolys, only slightly larger than modern elephants, stood a little over 10 feet tall and weighed six to eight tons. They were also covered with long, coarse hair due to their frigid habitat in places like Siberia.

They have been popularized in books and movies and are one of the best understood prehistoric mammals because complete Wooly mammoth bodies have been found preserved in permafrost. As popular as they are, there were no Wooly mammoths in the Madera area. It wasn’t cold enough.

Columbian mammoths, on the other hand, were very common here. If you could travel back in time a mere 10,000 years, you would likely see herds of these much larger species of elephant grazing through the fields where Madera now stands.

Columbian mammoths are named after Christopher Columbus, who has a lot of things named after him. They could grow up to 14 feet tall and weighed about 20,000 pounds, or 10 tons. Their ivory tusks could reach more than 10 feet in length...


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