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Cats can get into a lot of mischief

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webmaster | 08/30/13

It doesn’t surprise me that two kittens managed to stop the New York City subway for more than an hour while they frolicked on the tracks near one of the stops.

According to the Associated Press, power was cut to the B and Q lines in Brooklyn after a woman reported Thursday morning that her kittens were loose in the nation’s largest subway system. The kittens reportedly were getting very close to the infamous third rail, which is full of electricity, enough to turn a kitten into a puff of smoke.

The cat at whose house we live is always trying to foul things up. If we were anywhere near a subway, she would try to stop it, just to be ornery.

She can be that way when I come home and drive into the garage. One of the things she does is rush into the garage as the electric door is coming down, after I have pushed the button to close the door. She scurries between the sensor lights near the floor and the door lurches and goes back up. She seems to take a certain fiendish pleasure in this. She has plenty of time to come into the garage while the door is open, but would rather make me have to re-push the button.

Another thing she does is stand exactly where I am about to walk, especially when it’s her dinner time. I haven’t tripped over her yet, but only because I have learned to be especially sharp-eyed. She complains bitterly when I accidentally step on her toes at these times, but I tell her it’s her own darned fault.

She will rush me when I’m taking the garbage cans out, which can be startling, because I usually wind up doing that work in the dark. I can’t be sure, but I think she might be trying to give me a heart attack.

She also rubs up against my pant legs right after I put my pants on fresh from the cleaners. This makes me have to brush a bushel or so of hair from the pant legs, which usually results in my being late to work.

Happily, the kittens that stopped the subway were found, rescued and thought to be adorable. The cat at whose house we live should be so lucky.


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