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Cat isn't impressed by Titanic story

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webmaster | 04/14/12

The cat at our house is an animal which doesn’t care to be rained on, so she hasn’t been outside much the past few days. If she had been aboard the Titanic, which sank 100 years ago tomorrow, she would have hopped aboard one of the lifeboats, being sure that cats would have no business aboard a ship that was about to slip two miles beneath the surface of the North Atlantic.

She wants no part of disasters — or even inconveniences — involving water.

I saw her walk a little too close to one of our bushes Friday, and the bush dripped on her. She jumped and ran into the garage, then peeked out the open door to see whether the bush was chasing her.

The Titanic was not the worst disaster to ever happen, either in terms of lives lost (1,523) or money lost ($7.5 million). In today’s money, that loss would come to about $400 million. The lives lost would still be 1,523.

As disasters go, the March 11, 2011, Japanese tsunami ranks far higher, as does the loss of life. One estimate of the cost of rebuilding damaged structures and infrastructures was about $309 billion. At least 25,000 lives were lost.

I believe our cat would have gotten out of that tsunami dry. Observers said animals turned and ran as soon as they sensed a tsunami was headed their way. Most humans just stood there with their mouths open, taking pictures. Most humans don’t really know a tsunami is en route until they happen to look up and see it crashing down on them.

The cat has been watching “Dancing With the Stars” this season, but not “American Idol.” In fact, when “American Idol” comes on, she goes outside, even if it’s raining. I think she knows “American Idol” is all wet. Not a bad TV critic, if you ask me.

But she does enjoy watching “How It’s Made,” which is my favorite, too.


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