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Cat has learned art of dematerialization

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webmaster | 07/30/12

Our cat seemingly has the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize almost instantaneously.

This skill is never more evident than when our parttime dog comes to visit. The dog usually arrives in my car, and when she does, the cat, which may have been in residence on her throne in the garage, is suddenly nowhere to be seen.

When the dog hops from the car, she looks around and sniffs. She knows the cat may be lurking there in the garage, but on looking around appears to be puzzled when the cat can’t be found.

I’m not sure why the dog wants to mix it up with the cat. The two or three times the two of them have faced off, the cat always has gotten the best of the dog. That’s because all the dog does is bark at the cat, while the cat is tougher, although not as loud. She hisses and throws a punch with her right front paw, claws extended. I don’t think the cat’s punches ever have connected, but the dog isn’t stupid. I think she knows it would not be a good thing to be hit in the nose by a cat’s claws-out right cross.

The cat is a few years older than the dog, and has the advantage of accumulated knowledge. When she was younger, the cat would get into fights with gentleman callers who would come around seeking her affections, and they would fight right back. Often, she would get puncture wounds, resulting in abscesses. Those wounds usually gave the vet a chance to earn another car payment or two.

The cat is displaying the wisdom of age, and is keeping her health by doing so. She doesn’t want to get hurt, or have to wear one of those ugly collars. The dog, on the other hand, is displaying the exuberance of youth, and is likely to get a claw in the nose or somewhere else for her trouble. I believe there may be a lesson there for the rest of us.


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