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Cat has been busy growing fur

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webmaster | 09/19/12

The cat from whom we rent our house (cost: two, and sometimes three, dishes of kibble a day) knows something I don’t. She is starting to thicken up. Actually, it is her coat that’s thickening. The cat herself has thinned down over the summer, and while she still has a pot belly, she is beginning to look like her old svelte self.

She usually doesn’t start to thicken her coat up until the summer is over, and upon consulting a calendar, I noticed summer would be ending on Friday. How did she know? The last week or so, the high temperatures have been in the 100s. If I were a cat, I wouldn’t thicken my fur until the temperatures got low enough to give me goosebumps. But this cat hates getting goosebumps, and appears to be getting things ready to go so she can enter autumn and winter comfortably.

Cats seem to have it together. For instance, we have a dog that comes to see us on the weekends, and the cat always knows when the dog is ready to arrive, and she disappears so she doesn’t get barked at. As soon as the dog is gone, the cat knows and almost immediately puts in an appearance, as if to say, “I’m still here. Don’t forget to feed the cat.”

Cats aren’t much interested in playing, especially with dogs. Sometimes you can convince a cat to chase something, such as a catnip ball, if you throw it not too far. But don’t expect her to bring it back to you and wag her tail. If you want the ball back, you have to go get itself and wag your own tail. If you tie something on the end of a string and wiggle it in front of the cat, the animal may bat it a few times, but then she’ll turn and walk away. Cats do their best to amuse their humans, but only if the cats aren’t too busy. They do spend a lot of time bulking up their fur.


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