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The case of the bunch of feathers

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webmaster | 06/12/12

The cat in our house has been up to something. Sometime during the day on Sunday, she must have snuck up on a bird taking a nap in the shade on the lawn, and must have given the bird a bad time.

I know this because when I got home and went into the garage Sunday night, there were feathers all over the garage.

The reason I say she must have snuck up on the bird is that our cat meows a good game, but when it comes to taking action, she is a lawn chair potato. She will sneak around the yard, hiding under the branches of bushes, waiting for a bird to fly to the lawn and look for worms. But as soon as the cat moves at all, the bird will take flight.

The cat just isn’t fast enough to beat a bird unless the bird is asleep, or perhaps has had a heart attack and fallen out of the sky to be finished off by our cat. And I don’t think that happens very often.

You just don’t see that many birds dropping out of the sky. They drop a lot of other stuff out of the sky, especially right after I’ve had the car washed. But they, themselves, manage to keep flying.

I noticed that the feathers scattered all over the garage were sort of blue, which has me worried. We have had a sort-of-blue bird hanging around the backyard for several years. Sometimes this bird will swoop and molest the cat, which puts the cat in an ill temper for the rest of the day. But it’s basically a nice bird, so I hope it escaped, even though it left a lot of feathers.

Although there were many feathers in the garage, there was no bird itself to be seen. Perhaps the cat ate it all up, but I doubt that. She is full of kibble all the time, and wouldn’t have room for a whole bird, even one without feathers.

So if you see a naked bird running around, you will know why.


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