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webmaster | 05/07/14

Coke will remove the ingredient BVO from its Powerade beverages after a petition from a teenager pointed out that BVO is also used as a fire retardant. Well, on that basis, the company had better shut down entirely, because all its products use another fire retardant. That product is called water.

I know, I know, BVO is not the same thing as water. But we see a lot more people dying of drowning than we do of consuming too much BVO. In fact, you don’t really hear of any people dying of BVO consumption. They might become ill from drinking too many Powerades, which contain BVO, but those Powerades also contain water. Has anybody thought about that?

We often are told that things aren’t good for us for one reason or another. As an example, The Wall Street Journal reports, we often hear of the dangers saturated fats pose to us.

But wait. It seems that information might be based on science that has been largely discounted. That doesn’t mean you should go out and immediately gorge yourself on saturated fats — the kind you find in red meat, butter, cheese and eggs, for example — but eating them in normal portions as part of a balanced diet may actually be good for you, the latest research shows.

What might be causing your arteries to clog, if they are clogging, is the additional carbohydrates we have been eating since the 1950s, when we were warned off meat and cheese. We are eating almost 50 percent more carbs now than we were then. And guess what: Carbs quickly turn to blood sugar, which quickly turns to fat unless you exercise those carbs off right away. Which most of us don’t do. Unless you call taking it easy in front of the TV exercise, which some of us do.

Eggs were especially forbidden by many doctors, which is too bad, because eggs, used in moderation, are good for you.

Not only are they good as food, they also have use in first aid for burns. If you get a burn, put it under cold water, then crack a couple of eggs, separate the whites, stir the whites a little and spoon them over the burn. Soon, the burn will feel better. As the egg whites dry, they will form an impervious bandage. Keep some eggs around. They taste good, and you might need them.


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