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Buy locally and help economy

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webmaster | 11/23/12

If you are like a lot of Americans, you will be going shopping today, looking for bargains and hoping to get Christmas gift-buying out of the way early.

We are told this is very patriotic.

The American consumer allegedly keeps the American economy going by buying goods here that were manufactured elsewhere and thus keeping money moving around.

It used to be the American economy was fueled by Americans buying things mostly made in America. But those days are farther away than the space probe Voyager 1 (which was made in the U.S.).

Economists tell us today’s economic normal — buying things made elsewhere — is okay. By creating jobs for retail store employees and rewarding stockholders who finance such offshore manufacturing and onshore merchandising, we are doing capitalism’s work. I will go along with that, because some things just aren’t made in the U.S. any more.

But it is possible, and preferable, to spend the money for those products at home instead of sending it into the economic equivalent of outer space, like Voyager 1.

If you spend your Christmas money locally, it will do its work locally. The jobs it creates will be local jobs for mostly local people. The taxes it generates will to some extent be used to fill local needs.

It seems strange a lot of people don’t understand this. They spend money out of town, without thinking of the reality that shopping can be a real builder of the local economy. We know that some shopping has to be done out of town because some items aren’t sold locally.

Maderans and Madera organizations expect Madera businesses to support them. Well, the feeling is mutual.

Do a good deed this holiday season and keep those Christmas dollars at home.


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