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webmaster | 07/28/12

The shooting in Colorado is a horrible tragedy. The latest information is the shooter may have had a breakdown when he washed out of the Ph.D. program at his college. That is no excuse for what he did or a creditable reason for killing a dozen people, hurting 60 or so more and trying to kill police officers by booby-trapping his apartment. He should be executed for his crimes no matter what the shrinks think who evaluate him on behalf of the defense.

Innocent until proven guilty is the law of the land and I support that notion, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get the death penalty for what he did. Sick or not, people who kill others, should spend a few years in prison and then be put to death. And it shouldn’t take 20 years to get them in the chair for a lethal injection. The process should take five years at most. Long life sentences make a mockery of the system. Inmates on death row shouldn’t be allowed to die of old age. Also, do they really use an alcohol wipe before they insert the needle? Can anyone tell me why? How does that make sense?

Several of the Colorado victim’s families have asked the media not to use the shooter’s name or photos to focus attention away from him and on to the lives destroyed by the crime.

This country needs more money invested in law enforcement funding. The state and counties sure don’t have any extra lying around. What happens to the cash seized in drug busts? Does that money eventually go to the agency that made the case? ...


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