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Body and dragons

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webmaster | 01/25/12

This scribe is getting up in the years and though I weigh the same as I did as a senior at good ol’ Madera High, the pounds seem to be settling in other areas. Some quite specific. A few readers have obviously noticed and have warned me about using shampoo. I assume it’s because of the aforementioned unless you mean it will keep less hair from going down the shower drain.

A few emails arrived warning of the labels on certain shampoos: FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME. Well, I’m taking your advice and switching to Dawn dish soap. I just perused that label: DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. Okay, it’s Dawn before dawn tomorrow morning.

+ + +

Connoisseurs of fine food, gastronomes of gourmet delights, even an international food critic. It’s not me and my shadow, even though he has a nose for such things. It’s me and my gal. Last Friday evening, while enjoying another delicious meal at The Vineyard, owner Chris Mariscotti approached and had the gumption, the audacity, to give me the title of a world traveling judge of epicurean delights.

Seems Chris heard there was a world-renown critic in the restaurant and by deductive reasoning (?) concluded it was yours truly. He concluded that my many travels to Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, Canada, Planada, Pixley and Tombstone, Ariz., qualified me as such, and with as much expertise as whomever eventually appeared that evening. Regardless of what the other “expert” said, I told our waiter, Thomas, we deemed our meal to be of the usual excellence in service and taste...


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