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The beauty of life in our oceans

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webmaster | 10/26/13

“And God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creatures that hath life.”
— Genesis 1:20

The thrill one gets from sitting on a beach watching the waves roll as they come ashore and watching the sun sink below the distant horizon can be an event that can stay in one’s mind forever because it is a one-time experience to most people who live in the middle of our great country. To those who experience this event every day, this does not have an impact, because it is part of their environment.

I always looked forward to the two-week conferences at Asilomar because the beaches were so beautiful and the people were so pleasant when one would reach out to them. Sitting on a beach in any part of the world is a pleasure because of the quiet moment one can have and the feeling of awareness of nature all around them.

What is happening below those rolling waves does not match the peace and joy of what’s above. There is a constant war of survival going on below the surface we were never aware of until the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) gave man the idea and ability to create cameras to capture the activities of life below those beautiful rolling waves...


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