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The ball’s in Russia’s court

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webmaster | 09/12/13

It would appear that now, instead of launching a carefully aimed razor-sharp strike at Syria over that country’s use of poison gas on its citizens, we now are standing by waiting for the Russians to sort things out. It could be a long wait. The Russians can be very slow when it suits them. While President Obama, in his speech Tuesday, said he was holding off his promised attack against the Syrians to await further developments on the diplomatic front, you have to imagine he was feeling a great sense of relief as he spoke.

So were most of the rest of us, if polls on the subject were to be believed.

Obama had committed himself to not much of a strike. It would not be a pinprick, he said, nor would it be a vaporization of Damascus by nuclear weapons. Something in between, probably.

While I’m glad we’re not going to war right this minute, and maybe never in this instance, I have to admit to a certain disappointment. I was interested in seeing how Obama was going to carry this promised attack off.

Maybe Obama knows where Bashar Assad keeps his clothes, and would use a razor-sharp missile attack to blow up the dictator’s closets – suits, shirts, ties, shoes, even underwear. Assad is an odd-looking fellow, but he does dress well, and probably would go into a rage if his tailor’s best works were blown to smithereens. It would make him feel creepy to know we could drop a charge into one of his pockets.

Blowing up the poison gas canisters themselves would be hard and dangerous. More poison gas might be spread. Also, nobody really knows where the poison gas is except those who want to use it.

But it will be up the Russians now to fix this problem. When they send us the bill, let’s hope it’s one we can afford to pay.


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