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webmaster | 01/15/14

First off, gentle reader, let me say this is not a return of my twice-weekly “Musings.” However, until I am recovered enough to pound this keyboard on a regular basis to meet deadlines, I will attempt to write a column as many times as these fingers and body allow. One day, hopefully not far off, I will once again be able to inform and entertain every Wednesday and Friday. For now, I hope you enjoy the fishwrap below.

+ + +

Where does one’s sense of humor go while incapacitated? Is there a humor warehouse? Or could it be an old dairy barn where the cows are udderly serious. I think I see you smiling.

+ + +

While I was in the hospital I realized I had a flight I could not make. I called the airline and said, “I would like to cancel my flight.” The airline representative asked, “How many were on the flight?” I paused to glance at my nurse and said into the phone, “I don’t know. It’s your airplane.”

With a little more information my effort was successful and as a side note I got a big laugh out of my nurse. Speaking of that lengthy stay, I received all sorts of tests, from four trips to the x-ray lab, several blood tests and more. They might have opted for a less painful MRI. I would have liked to see if I had become claustrophobic...


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