Another sign that jobs are disappearing

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webmaster | 10/23/13

The last hope for people who need relatively low-skilled jobs apparently has been dashed. Robots are taking over the profession of sign-waving.

I noticed this over the weekend while traveling in and around Yuba City and Marysville. Mrs. Doud was driving because I kept getting lost, so I had plenty of time to gawk around.

In the process of gawking in Yuba City, I noticed a sign being waved on a sidewalk, but nobody was waving it. As we approached it, I could see the big arrow-shaped poster was being manipulated by a wire machine which was out of sight behind the poster.

I don’t remember what the poster said, although I do remember the sign-waving gizmo, which may be a statement on the value of eliminating humans for this work.

“Another job down the drain,” I thought to myself.

We crossed the Feather River bridge into Marysville and drove along 10th Street, looking for a place to eat. Then, I spotted this redhead right next to a sidewalk, waving a sign for Hairway to Heaven. She had a lot of red hair (see accompanying photo) and seemed to be waving the sign with quite a bit of energy. But as we got a lot closer, I gasped.

“She’s a robot,” I said. “Are there no actual sign-wavers in these towns? They have to hire robot redheads?”

Does this mean the economy has had it? What will human sign-wavers do now?


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