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Another cat-and-dog fight in store?

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webmaster | 08/01/13

One can hope that the upcoming talks between the Israelis and Palestinians will result in a lasting peace, but don’t bet your house on it.

You may recall that Presidents Carter and Clinton both brokered peace treaties between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the Palestinians broke both pacts. Getting the two countries together has been described as being like pushing a boulder uphill.

It’s a little like our dog and cat. We keep hoping the two will find common ground, but they don’t. Whenever the dog sees the cat, she barks like crazy and the cat slinks away. But if the dog gets too close, the cat hisses and goes after the dog with claws out. Fortunately, the only damage from these confrontations has been too much noise in the house and yard.

But in the case of the Israelis and Palestinians, people get killed. Palestinians lob missiles into Israel and the Israelis respond by sending their jets to bomb the Palestinians.

It was widely hoped that the death in 2004 of Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat at age 75 would clear the way for new leadership to finally keep the peace with the Israelis, but things only got worse.

The best solution for the problem of the dog and the cat has been to keep them apart whenever possible, and to give them a good yelling-at when they start facing off.

We didn’t have the problem when there was only the cat, but when the dog got into the picture, it was hiss and woof forever. Before the dog came along, however, the cat would get into fights. We would hear the fights going on in the early-morning hours, and jump out of bed and go rescue the cat, who usually had gotten the worst of it.

Let’s hope the latest peace talks don’t turn into another cat-and-dog fight. The Mideast doesn’t need another one of those.


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