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The amazing lives of some bugs

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webmaster | 12/21/13

Every once in awhile someone will come along advancing a theory that insects, can think. These same folks also may assert that the little bugs hold conversations, vote and save for retirement. This, they say, is especially true of ants.

The origin of this may have been the story of the grasshopper and the ant, which originally appeared as an Aesop fable, starring a grasshopper and an ant. Back in Aesop’s time, it is said, grasshoppers and ants could learn dialogue and talk. Had there been cars back then, they probably would have been able to drive to and from work.

As you may remember, the ant was the worker bug, who labored all day and put food away for the winter. The grasshopper was more of a player bug, who wanted to spend his time dancing and singing. He would make fun of the ant, whom he thought was stupid for working all the time. The grasshopper would go out to play a round of golf, and try to get the ant to come along, but the ant would have none of it.

Well, you probably know what happened. Winter came along, and the grasshopper could find nothing to eat. He knocked on the door of the ant’s house and asked for a handout, but the ant said no.

The moral of the story is that it is wise to worry about tomorrow today.

But now scientists believe they have confirmed that ants seem to have the ability to teach other ants how to do ant things, such as form armies, carry around food and ruin picnics. So far, they don’t seem to have been able to form navies, but that may not be far off. Ants have learned how to cross rivers on little rafts made of twigs.

Word is that Santa is trying to train super ants to pull his sleigh in the southern climes, to save money on reindeer feed. He tried to train grasshoppers to do it, but they found the work to be too hard. They still wanted their presents delivered on time, however.


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