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All the nudes that are fit to print

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webmaster | 10/04/12

The high muckety-mucks of San Francisco are talking about banning nudity in parts of the city due to complaints from people who aren't nude, but nevertheless have to endure it.

Imagine this: you are driving along on Yosemite Avenue, and just as you get to Courthouse Park, you notice the people who use the park as their living room are wearing no clothes. Talk about hanging out.

That's what is happening most days in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, at a plaza at Castro and Market streets. A group of men, usually from three to a dozen in number, loiter, drink coffee and talk. Some harass passersby, and some even pose for photos with tourists, sort of like animals in a zoo. They charge for the photos.

People who own businesses in the area have long complained bitterly to the police about the nudity, and many tourists also complain (after getting in their share of gawking).

This has been going on for years, and you would think the city fathers and mothers of San Francisco would have done something about it, but they haven't. San Francisco is run by lefties who don't want to be seen as opposing people's freedom. No matter that particular attitude (in this situation) makes them look like idiots.

If that behavior were going on at Courthouse Park in Madera, the usual voters probably would take matters into their own hands and give the nudies the bum's rush. They likely would be charged with indecent exposure and hauled by deputies to the hoosegow, where they would be given suitable attire.

That sort of rational behavior is seen as irrational in SF, where going nude at such events as the Bay to Breakers race and the Gay Pride Parade is thought to be politically correct, although such state of undress test the rest of the city's gag reflexes.

Some who complain say they don't mind nudity so much as they mind the fact that the nudes at Castro and Market are terminally ugly.

In Madera, thank goodness, we choose to keep our clothes on.


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