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After a while, everything’s fashionable

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webmaster | 04/02/12

I receive a couple of magazines each month that are dedicated to men’s fashions. It isn’t that I buy any of these fashions. They are way too expensive for me. Who, for example, wants to pay $300 for a pair of socks? I don’t think I paid more than $300 for everything in my closet. The magazines are interesting nevertheless. Reading them is not unlike visiting a Rolls Royce or Maserati showroom. You know you’re never going to buy one of those cars. But you love looking at them.

One thing I’ve noticed about the advertising and editorial photos in these magazines is that you occasionally see men smoking cigarettes. I thought cigarette smoking, at least in photographs, was as out of style as pant cuffs above the ankles (where I usually wear them). But behold, in those photos are pant cuffs well above the ankles, along with cigarettes being smoked.

I guess the old saying is true: If you wait around long enough, everything will become stylish again.

I recently bought some pairs of pants (very cheap ones, I might add) that were long enough for the cuffs to almost reach my heels. A lot of men wear them longer than that, but I can’t stand to step on my pant cuffs. I keep thinking I’ll wear them out and have to buy new ones before I’m ready, which is usually in about five years.

But getting back to the smoking: We all know by now that smoking cigarettes isn’t good for us. Yet these fashionable models persist in puffing, or at least, being shown holding cigarettes.

I used to smoke cigarettes, and even had a cigarette holder, which I believe I had seen in one of those magazines.

Now, I am off cigs — have been for years. But those guys do look cool, fingering their Marlboros.

If you see an old baldy, wearing way-too-short pant cuffs and holding an unlit cigarette, do him a favor and tell him how good he looks.


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