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webmaster | 04/04/12

I am one of those people who never thinks he looks good in a photo. That is in spite of who may have taken the photo, or how good the photographer is.

But having said that, I an always interested in photos of myself. If I am looking at a stack of photos someone has taken, and I am in one of them, the one I am in always interests me most.

I have a photo of the entire 70-member staff of a newspaper for which I once worked. There we are, all sitting on the steps of the newspaper building while a hired freelance photographer clicked our photo.

Whenever I run across that photo, taken 25 years or so ago, I peruse it with fascination. There I am, on the left side of the front row,sitting on the step next to the librarian, who is on my left.

You might ask, what was a librarian doing in your photo? The answer is, it used to be common for newspapers of more than 25,000 circulation to have a library where copies of every story and every photo that ran in the paper were preserved for research. Editors, reporters and even the general public could go into the library and pore over files when it was necessary to know what was going on at a particular time if it happened to be recorded in the newspaper.

Nowadays, I’m not sure whether any but the biggest newspapers keep libraries. The files we keep now are all automatically archived electronically.

The occasion for taking that photo was the 100th anniversary of that newspaper, The Bellingham Herald.

And speaking of newspaper anniversaries, The Madera Tribune turned 120 on April 1. We now are in our 121st year, and you are reading the third issue of that year. Only 306 issues to go.

I thought that to celebrate, I would provide a new photo to run with the Editor’s Corner. I know it is pretty awful, but what are you going to do?


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