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100 years ago in the week of June 29, 1914

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webmaster | 07/01/14

NEW MAP SHOWS MADERA AS GATEWAY TO YOSEMITE — Madera has always laid claim to being the true gateway to the Yosemite Valley, and tourists who have traveled this and other routes assert that there is nothing anywhere to compare with the scenic beauty and delight from this city to Yosemite and the big trees. It is the direct route and one that in time will be traveled by more people than any other. Madera has had to fight for the honor justly due her in this regard. San Francisco papers have persistently published maps, which invariably end before they reach Madera. Today, the Mercury publishes the first authentic map giving Madera and Fresno the place they are entitled. The map was drawn by F. H. Behre of Oakland who has mining interests in Coarse Gold. The map is authentic in every way.

ITALIAN STABBED IN THE BACK — Rafael Gile is being treated by Dr. Dow Ransom for stab wounds to the back, which were inflected by Faustino Sciqua. The reason for the attack was stated to be that Rafael had “blackballed” Cornelio Sciqua and prevented him from becoming a member of the Italian Foresters of America. The attack took place Saturday night near the livery stable on F Street. About 12:30 o’clock, cries were heard for a distance of five blocks. “They are killing me! What will become of my poor family?” It appears the Sciqua brothers came upon Gile and attacked him in his buggy. Cornelio is alleged to have hit him with his fist while the other stabbed him three times in the back. Witnesses say that when Gile fell out of the buggy, he was slashed three more times by Faustino. If complications do not set in, Gile will recover.

HOLDS UP TOWN; GETS 30 DAYS — Thomas Grace, an old prospector and woodcutter who was intoxicated, took three rifles and attempted to hold up the town of Raymond yesterday. After entering the store of D. Dapelo and slapping the face of N.D. Richardson, the bookkeeper, he retreated to a hill across the street and threatened to shoot anyone coming or going. Deputy Sheriffs Tom West and Homer Knowles managed to subdue Grace, who was then locked up and tried by Justice McCapes. At the trial, he was asked what should be done with a man who got drunk and tried to shoot someone. “Nothing,” he replied. He was fined $30, with the alternative of 30 days in jail. Unable to pay the fine, he was brought by West to Madera and lodged in jail.

COOK SLAPS WIFE AND DEPARTS — W.F. Davis, a cook at the Southern Hotel and his wife, Margaret, had domestic trouble last week, and now he has a warrant on his head. The trouble started when Margaret Davis entered the dining room and saw her husband speaking with Ruby Jones, the waitress. The husband claimed he was talking to his wife, not Ruby. An argument over who was addressed grew hot, and Davis slapped Margaret in the face. She objected and went to Marshal Barnett and claimed she was in need of protection. When the marshal went to the hotel, the cook was at work, and it appeared that the trouble was over, so he left. Margaret then went to Justice Raburn and swore to a complaint, so Barnett went back to the hotel. When he got there, he found that Davis had escaped from the rear. He had drawn his pay.

BLIND PIGGER HAD PLENTY OF BOOZE — D. Giacomani was arrested last night on the charge of running a blind pig. [The term “blind pig” referred to lower class establishments that sold alcoholic beverages illegally.] When Marshal Barnett and night watchman Rea raided the Giacomani house on South C Street, they saw men, all Italians, buying drinks and found the blind pigger had rigged up a bar and had been doing business on a large scale for some time. The officers walked into the joint, which is located not far from an Italian dance hall on B Street, after watching men coming and going to Giacomani’s from the dance. In the house, were found 20 cases of beer, 4 barrels of wine, 12 glasses, and a hogshead rigged up as a refrigerator, containing a dozen bottles of beer on ice. Giacomani also had $32.20 in change. The marshal arrested Giacomani, who appeared to be badly frightened...


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