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‘On the Road’ … yet again

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webmaster | 05/31/13

The “I”s have it. Do you have the same problem at the intersection of where I Street meets Yosemite Avenue? A great paving job was completed sometime ago, but no lines have been painted, just reflectors that seem to have been placed in the wrong locations, causing confusion with motorists as to which lane they’re in, especially on a left turn.

The powers that be need to get lines, designate the center of the street and left turn lanes, and put reflectors in their correct place before road rage ensues by some motorist trying to make a left turn but is stuck behind another going straight across Yosemite.

+ + +

More motoring fun. Saw a bumper snicker the other day returning from yet another doctor’s visit in Fresburg. Don’t know if the driver owned a bumper sticker company, but it read PUT YOUR TEXT HERE. But if I put it there, on his car, it wouldn’t serve my purpose.

At a long traffic light a little while later I pulled up beside a motorist after reading his bumper sticker: I SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Waiting for the light I pointed to his rear bumper and gave him the thumbs up. He rolled down his window and asked, “you believe in that too?” I replied, “Yep, sure thing,” I said (he may have had a gun in his car) and added, “I also believe in the right to arm bears.” His tires screeched upon the light turning green and he was soon far ahead of me...


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