‘By the power of him who loved us’

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webmaster | 01/18/14

A week and a half ago the mysteries of my genetic programming were tentatively explained to me. For a $99 fee, a California-based genomics company analyzed my DNA.

It estimated my heritage is 67.2 percent European, 18.5 percent Native American, and 1.7 percent African (the remainder is unclear). Delighted, I forgetfully shared only the first two aspects of that result with a co-worker Wednesday.

“Well, that was kind of obvious,” he replied. “We already knew what you were.”

He had a point. Those who know me well are aware my father immigrated from Germany, and my mother’s parents came from Mexico. You don’t need a degree in Mexican history to know the nation’s population is heavily “mestizo” (a Spanish term used for someone of mixed Spanish and Native American descent)...


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